how search engine optimization can help your business

How Will Search Engine Optimization Help My Business?

If you’re new to search engine optimization (SEO), you’re probably thinking it’s just something for tech geeks to worry about, and while levels of that statement are true because there are technical aspects to SEO – much of SEO relies on creativity and consistency.

To begin, we’ll explain what search engine optimization is:

Search engine optimization, simply put, is a way to organize your website so that your web pages rank on Google. The higher the ranks (the lower the number) the better! The best possible outcome is for your web pages to find their way into the top 3 spots on the Google search results page.

Not only is SEO a method for directing Google to rank your webpages higher, but it will also rank your blog posts and content such as images and videos.


When hiring an agent to implement an SEO strategy for you, it’s of the utmost importance that they plan to incorporate a keyword strategy for all of your web content; this includes images and videos. Keywords are given a monthly search volume based on an estimate of how many times that particular word or key phrase is searched on average each month. If the keyword is searched frequently and it’s not met with a lot of competition then it’s likely a word or phrase that your agent should consider targeting with your web content.

Link Building and Meta Tags

In addition to keywords, all good search engine optimization strategists know that it’s important to incorporate social media marketing, backlinks, internal and external links, engaging content, meta descriptions and title tags with your keywords, and more.

Fresh Content

All of this may sound technical and somewhat unengaging thus far, but it goes a long way in helping your business to grow. Your SEO agent will want to merge these tactics with their creativity. It’s important to continually be providing fresh content on your website for Google to crawl. Google loves fresh content! It’s also important to create and post fresh content consistently. Consistent fresh content paves the path to success.


The user-friendliness of your web content plays an important role in how you’re ranked by Google too. Google understands that it’s not robots reading and shopping on websites — it’s actual living, breathing people. Therefore, the content should read like a human wrote it and the graphics should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to view. The design of your website plays an important role in SEO. Your SEO agent may make suggestions that you’ll want to relay to your web developer for site layout improvements.


Reviews are an important ranking factor for Google because they help build trust in your services with both your new and past customers. If you don’t have any reviews on your Google listing or web pages, you likely won’t rank as well as a competitor who does. People read reviews and they look to them for assistance when deciding whether or not they should use a company for their products and services.

So How Does All this Help My Business?

By incorporating all of these search engine strategies, your SEO agent is enlisting a variety of ways to send new traffic to your website. Your optimized web pages will rank higher on Google which means you’ll be found more frequently. Your links from various websites including social media will also play an important role in bringing more new traffic to your site. Using the right keywords, you’ll be able to target specific customers that are already interested in your services making it easier to sell your products to them. The trust that is built through your SEO friendly web pages will show and more customers will feel comfortable working with you and referring future clients to you.

RP Digital Consulting provides both monthly managed SEO services and basic start-up SEO services for our clients at affordable prices to fit well within your marketing budget and to ensure you receive a great return on your investment.

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